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A little bit about me...

I am a graphic designer currently working within the financial industry. While I’ve worked on projects in several different branches of design, these are a few areas I consider my specialty. Here's how I see them.

Packaging Design

Packaging has a complex duty. It can intrigue, instruct, and delight if done well. That's what I love most about it.

Logo & Identity

An identity is the foundation of a brand. Whether it's from the ground up or a complete overhaul, it's my job to keep that foundation strong.

Interactive & UX

The way users experience digital interactions is a big part of a customer's relationship with a brand. That said, it should be an experience worth having.


Sometimes an illustrative touch can breathe life into a project and develop a unique brand signature that can set you apart from the rest of the crowd.


Sleep well at night knowing I'm a rockstar with all the applications this industry is built on. With hours upon days upon weeks logged, every keyboard shortcut is pure muscle memory at this point.

Adobe Creative Suite




Microsoft Office


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I have been extremely impressed with Kristi. She is a
highly creative and innovative designer.

Paul Fletcher, Creative Director | MoCo, Inc.

Kristi is an eager learner and thoughtful designer. Her abilities to plan,
visualize, and collaborate are a welcome asset to any design team.

Ange Wang, Designer & Educator | UMN College Of Design

Kristi knows her stuff. From the moment she joined our team she
proved herself to be
a valuable asset.

Matt Bruning, Interactive Designer | JT Mega

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